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What people are saying after working with Julius

“Julius is a gifted healer. I believe his sound therapy is transformative in ways I don’t even understand. Thanks Julius. Blessings and peace.”

– Jacob S.

I’ve known Julius Betila for over 10 years and although we traveled different paths, we reacquainted in January while I was going through a traumatic time in my life and had no hope left. He generously and thoughtfully offered a Sound Healing to help out a friend in dire need.

To be completely honest, although I was raised as a Muslim, I have been an atheist for most of my life and although intrigued by the spiritual world, I had very little belief in it. With some doubts but also a bit of hope, I set up my session with Julius. My subconscious mind was moved to my very core. I felt and experienced things that I could not have even dreamt about with the most wildest of imaginations. I had a vision of myself in Peru spending time focusing on healing myself and so the next day I booked a flight to Peru for the February! Although, this was the darkest point of my life, I found hope and light. This was the beginning of my journey to self-love. I have now spent a total of 4 weeks in Peru and have continued to participate in several of Julius’s Sound Healings, each time I have such strong visions and insight.

Julius’s kindness and connection for holding space is a unique gift. I would highly recommend a one-on-one for anyone who needs more than just a little guidance and direction. I hope to continue to see Julius and share his wonderful, positive energy!!

– Hifza N.
Julius Betila is a gifted (Sound) Healer with a beautiful aura. His work is pristine and has made a huge difference in my life. I am not someone who can easily calm my mind for meditation but just following Julius takes me to still point. Each person deserves to be in the presence of these Sacred Instruments especially the sensual gong. It is just gorgeous. Highly recommend booking a private session with him or attending a Sound Bath.

– Linda E.
I’ve been going to Sound Healing Meditations with Julius for 4 months, now. I went to my first session on a whim, wanting to do something different, one Friday night. Looking to aid my meditation routine that wasn’t working as I expected. After 2 sessions, folks at work noticed and told me I was substantially less anxious and wondered what I was doing. A month later during an annual checkup my doctor noticed I was not so defeated, more hopeful about managing knee pain, and other issues. I think the sessions have helped me dsstress and get more centered, which led to these changes.

The sound healing sessions are always a positive experience for me. At some point I feel in tune w/ the gong, drum and other instruments as their reverberations seem to run through me. I end up feeling relaxed, satiated, and decompressed in the end. At the Montauk Salt Cave, NYC I think the space helps make the sound and vibrations feel like they are rolling around the room, like ocean waves curling as they head to a shore.

Julius creates a welcoming, open environment, which becomes a community for the session. I find him to be genuine, and insightful in his interactions with folks. Whether it’s a 45 min session or the double sessions with special guests I always gain new insights into myself and get exposed to new ideas.

– Sallie D.

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