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In-person and distance sessions and group workshops

“And above all – watch with glittering eyes, the whole world around you. Because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

– Roald Dahl

If you found yourself on this page, you’re already on the path of finding that magic. Step into the fullness of who you are. Follow your bliss.

The offerings below can be experienced independently or in combination with one another depending on what you’re feeling called to explore.

Sound Meditation

Begin Your Journey of Self-Inquiry

About Sound Meditation

This meditation goes beyond quieting the mind. When played with intention and technique, this ancient Vedic healing practice takes you on an active meditation into the calmest waters of your mind and body.

With every sound bath, you immerse into deeper relaxation through a combination of sacred breath, guided visualization and powerful resonance of the Flower of Life gong, Himalayan singing bowls, shruti box, chimes, drums, rattles, flutes, and tuning forks. You can experience a range of spiritual, emotional and physiological benefits.

Sound Meditation benefits

  • Calm the central nervous system
  • Balance your hormones to boost your mood
  • Move past procrastination and towards your goals
  • Remember your inner abundance of joy
  • Connect with and better understand yourself
  • Deepen your spiritual and meditation practice
  • Experience inner peace and clarity
  • Elevate your manifesting potential

“After my session with Julius, I feel a lot happier and lighter. I don’t get stressed over work issues any more. I did not know what Sound Healing Meditation was before. Now it has become my favorite spiritual practice.”

– Sarah K.

Kundalini Yoga

Awaken Your Manifesting Potential

About Kundalini Yoga

Known as the “Yoga of Awareness,” Kundalini is a powerful dynamic yoga practice designed to bring the mind, body and spirit back to a state of balance and restoration.

Through a recipe of mantras, yoga postures (asanas), mudras, pranayama and deep relaxation with the gong, a Kundalini class invites you to explore your inner world physically, emotionally and spiritually so you may harmonize the central nervous system and activate your body’s own natural mechanisms for healing.

The range of spiritual, emotional and physiological benefits you may experience:

  • Clear blocks in your energy field
  • Silence the inner chatter of the mind
  • Boost your confidence
  • Connect with the divine sense of oneness
  • Find flow, strength and resilience
  • Attract spiritual and emotional abundance into your life

Crystal Dreaming

Expand Your Consciousness

About Crystal Dreaming

Enveloped in a sacred formation of energizing crystals, a Crystal Dreaming session safely guides you into an inner journey of deep self reflection and transformation.

The combination of healing crystals and a guided visualization offers the golden opportunity to locate deeply held blockages, beliefs and traumas in the mind-body channel, and make room for an eternal state of peace, wholeness and connection with the Divine. Old energies will be cleared, and profound healing may come through.

Benefits of the session:

  • Move from a lower to higher vibrational state of being
  • Dissolve unresolved trauma from the past and present
  • Align with your greater life purpose and ultimate bliss
  • Experience physical relief or healing from old injuries and illness
  • Reclaim the higher self effortlessly as you move past emotional blockages

Cards of Destiny Reading

Fall Back in Love with Your Life

About Cards of Destiny Reading

Access your innate divine intelligence through a Cards of Destiny Reading. This standard deck of 52 playing cards reflect cyclical energy patterns of the weeks and days of the year — of which, we all have our unique Birth Card. By diving into the knowledge and insights this card offers, we can access a deeper understanding of what makes you come alive in your career, relationships, health, money and inner consciousness. Be ready to explore your life with greater curiosity and empowerment, and awaken a new vision for your future.

A reading may bring about understanding of:

  • What your natural talents are and how to cultivate them more frequently
  • What kinds of work will bring about the greatest fulfillment
  • How you show up in all your important relationships
  • What are the greatest hardships you’ll face in this lifetime