Our Mission

Anahata Resonance

I invite you to take a moment to close your eyes, quiet the mind and feel into your heart space. Arriving at the present moment with greater ease and softness of breath. What comes to you?

In search of greater wholeness in the mind, body and spirit, it all begins with our heart center, or “anahata” in Sanskrit.

Our Why

Why Anahata Resonance

When we step into the anahata or heart, we step into our highest power. The heart alone has the most powerful ‘vibrational signature’ in the human body that radiates a measurable 9 feet beyond our physical form. And within the heart’s brain lives 40,000 neurons (called neuritis) that can think, act, learn and remember independently from the mind itself.

Now, imagine what happens when the heart and brain sync up in perfect harmony. A flow state emerges, opening up a heightened space of awareness and interconnectedness. The everyday filter washes away to reveal a deeper truth within the self, that ever-present manifesting potential.

My mission is to guide you into a portal of heart-brain synchronicity to awaken your highest potential. With each modality offered, you will come to know and embody yourself more fully.