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Guided Sound Meditation with Reiki Healing

February 7, 2021 - 3:00 pm

@ Zoom On-line Class

A healing virtual event focused on grounding in the heart through long distance reiki, guided meditation, breath, and sacred instruments.

During this time, as we move into another chapter in this world, many things within us are coming to the surface at a rapid pace. Allowing these things to unfold while grounding gives us the opportunity to rapidly heal and release limitations that are not serving us. We are being asked to slow down, go within, and shine light to create a loving internal home. A home within the heart. The heart is the new mind. We are being asked to move away from the cerebral thinking into feeling, into inner knowingness. When we access our heart wisdom, it guides us like a loving compass to our joy. Open heart, infinite possibilities.

You are invited to join Raymond Storms and Julius Betila for a virtual event focused on grounding in the heart through Reiki healing, guided meditation, sacred sound, and breath. Raymond, Reiki Master, Intuitive and Empath, will take you on a journey within along with Julius gifted sound healer. We will tune into our breath as breath equals life. We'll call upon our angels and guides to access our wisdom and open to our light. We'll release control and surrender to love. Come and allow your heart to soften in safety and heal.

To help assist the healing, please reflect on how you would like to feel in your body, what you would like to release (physical/emotional pain), and something you are grateful for no matter how big or small. This will help Raymond to tune into your energetic field. Come with an open heart and mind. This is a safe space. All are welcome.

$22 - Venmo/CashApp @AnahataResonance or

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Zoom On-line Class

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